About Jonathan

Portrait of National Geographic Creative photographer, Jonathan Kingston.

About Jonathan

Since 2002, Oregon-based freelance photographer and outdoorsman Jonathan Kingston has been traveling the globe collecting images of the natural world and capturing vistas of life lived on the edge.

From arresting images of vibrant tribal dances to underwater vistas of elephants swimming at sea to silhouettes of climbers scaling rock cast against a crepuscular sky, Kingston’s penchant for itinerancy and a love of the wild have taken him to some of the most remote and unmapped corners of the world. His work has appeared in print and online publications including National Geographic, Geo Saison, The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal, and has received honors from the prestigious Communication Arts and PDN Photo Annual competitions.

An avid outdoorsman, climber and surfer, Kingston was fascinated as a young boy by photographic storytelling. Inspired by Cartier-Bresson, long considered the father of photojournalism, Kingston views his work as an act of observance and a framework for introspection. For him, it is a photographer’s responsibility not just to capture a point of view but to bear witness to life’s gravity and greatness. With his lens as his guide, Kingston strives to remain accountable to that ethos.

Matched by his love of photography is Kingston’s passion for teaching. In addition to the many photographic seminars he leads around the world, Kingston is a photo instructor for Lindblad/National Geographic Expeditions and served on the faculty of India’s first photographic college, Light & Life Academy, from 2002 to 2004. Kingston is the author of the 2009 instructional DVD, Photoshop CS4 Basics and Beyond. Nearly all his free time is spent with his wife, Sarah Jane, and their boxer, Ellie Mae.

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